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Complete Maintenance and Spares Solution
WSIL can maintain all types of industrial equipment and vehicle assigned by the customer.

Our experienced teams are trained by, and closely work with, the Original Equipment Manufacturers. We have developed an extensive domestic and international network of industrial spare parts suppliers. In this way we can always ensure the timely supply of items, combined with on-site service, to give the best possible equipment availability to the customer.

Customer can concentrate on production, while a technically qualified, zero liability, on-site maintenance team ensures all equipment are always ready and available.

Selected examples:
  • Maintenance of 1 MHC (Gottwald) & 1 No Liebherr Cranes at Sohar Port in Collaboration with local Company named Middle East Port Services LLC at Sohar port (2006-2009).
  • Operation & Maintenance of 6STS / 6RTGC / 45 TRAILERS / 4 ECH / 4RS (With local Co named AL-Ghanim Specialities Co at Shuwaikh Port - Kuwait, from 2019 to 2024.
  • Maintenance of 25 nos. Hencon vehicles at Vedanta Plant 1, Jharsuguda (2008 - Till Date).
Assembly, Installation and Commissioning (AIC)
WSIL can undertake short-to-medium term projects such as assembly, commissioning and installation of heavy/special cranes.

With a short mobilisation time, our teams will be ready at the worksites to receive the "knocked down condition" crane steel structure and components. We then work independently or with the OEM's onsite engineer to get the crane operational as soon as possible.

Conversely, WSIL has undertaken projects to decommission and dismantle old cranes in a safe and professional method.

Both Customer and OEM is assured that a technically qualified and experienced team is undertaking the job at site in a safe, professional and timely manner.

Selected examples:
  • AIC of 10 no. STS Crane at Hong Kong Terminal, for Partner NKM Noell - GMBH, 2005.
  • AIC of Special Graphitization Crane at HEG, Bhopal, 2004 for Partner NKM Noell and Customer HEG.
  • AIC of Special Vacuum Suction Crane at Vedanta Aluminium Port, Vizag, 2012 for Partner Neuron Cranes and Customer VAL.
  • AIC of Ladle Cleaning Machine at NALCO, Angul, 2014 for Partner NKM Noell and Customer NALCO.
  • Safe Dismantling for NKM Noell crane at NALCO Port, Kakinada.
Representatives, Dealerships and Agencies
WSIL provides dealership and agency services to companies who aim to have a strong presence in the Port, Carbon, Metals and other heavy industries in India.

This ensures Indian customers have a local contact person for any technical doubts or commercial enquires they may have. OEMs have access to an experienced local partner who can provide them with solid leads, strong customer networks, reliable current information, guidance on local taxes/laws and feedback on upcoming market trends in India.

Currently, we are the official Indian dealer or agent of various international manufacturers of specialised industrial equipment. Please see our PARTNERS page to know more.

  • As a dealer, agent or representative, WSIL undertakes proactive sales activities with clear co-ordination between the OEM and Indian Customer. If there are any questions before, during and after the sale of goods or spares, WSIL will be there to help the customer and OEM partner.
  • When enquires brought forward by WSIL become successful sales, WSIL undertakes the equipment on-site Assembly, Installation and Commissioning. The customer can further deploy WSIL to undertake long-term maintenance of the equipment.
  • When the trusted international OEM partner wishes to set up a base in India, WSIL is always open to set up an Indian Joint Venture.
Industry Specific Consultancy And Project Guidance
WSIL leverages our years of industry experience, deep networks and operational know how to provide our Customers with the best and latest knowledge on niche industrial solutions and processes.

We offer project guidance to our OEM partners to ensure we meet our project goals in a timely manner.

Selected examples:
WSIL's international partner NKM Noell undertook a supply of 4 nos. special carbon production cranes to a customer in India. In this project:
  • WSIL helped NKM Noell choose a large scale Indian manufacturing workshop to undertake 500t+ of steel fabrication.
  • On behalf of NKM Noell, WSIL commercially facilitated the supply of the 500t+ of fabricated steel assemblies from an Indian fabrication workshop to the Indian customer.
  • WSIL oversaw the loading and logistics of various containers, bought out items and the fabricated steel assemblies to & from the Indian fabrication workshop to Indian End User.
Joint Ventures
Water Services Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd. (WSIL) undertakes joint ventures with select long-term trusted partners.

After specialised equipment has been installed at the customer worksite, long term maintenance and technical support is required to ensure optimum performance.

Through joint ventures between WSIL and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), WSIL is able to give the customer the technical support at the level and quality defined by the OEM.

In addition to providing services, WSIL's joint venture also undertakes niche-manufacturing activities. Manufacturing specialised equipment, vehicles and after sales spares in India enables international OEMs to be cost effective in the highly price sensitive Indian market. To ensure OEM approved quality: the OEM supplies Designs and critical components, while fabrication and assembly are undertaken at our workshops in India at OEM defined workmanship, quality and performance.

Selected examples:
  • WSIL Joint Venture with Hencon BV to create Hencon Services India Pvt. Ltd.
  • WSIL and Hencon B.V., The Netherlands has an active joint venture - Hencon Services India Pvt. Ltd. (Hencon India). Hencon India provides maintenance services to over 30 nos. imported Hencon vehicles operating in India. Since 2019, Hencon India manufactures selected Hencon vehicles in India.
  • Hencon India has also provided smelter PTM cranes maintenance services to major Gulf smelters.
  • Through Hencon B.V., WSIL works closely with group majority shareholder DANGO & DIENENTHAL Gmbh., Germany.